2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Price, Specs, Colors

2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Price, Specs, Colors – In 2025, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid will have the same four-cylinder engine underneath the hood. The three-row SUV has no power and is apparent. However, the Highlander is compensated for by outstanding fuel efficiency. The Highlander is rated at 35 milliliters per gallon. There is no other mid-sized model that could achieve the same performance. Even in the compact crossover category, there aren’t many cars with this score.

2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Changes

Exterior and Interior

Toyota is working on an upgrade that will solve the power problem. The 2025 version of the Toyota Highlander Hybrid might get a plug-in version. From what we’ve seen in the other models, this SUV will be able to give you more power while keeping gas mileage to a high standard.

This season, this model comes with additional trim levels. This time, the hybrid version has five grades. For 2025, Highlander PHEV could take over all the trim levels, excluding the basic one, but with minor package changes.

2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Exterior
2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Exterior

In 2025, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid will carry over all options, while the PHEV model has certain unique features and enhancements. This means the base version is the L.E. (L is the model’s name with a petrol-only engine). Highlights of this version include the power liftgate, which can be adjusted to height, headlights that projector a blind-spot monitor, an 8-inch touchscreen, and a Smart Key system with a push-button to start.

The XLE includes several notable features. Power sunroofs are just one of them. It can be closed or opened with a single gesture. The XLE also has a front heating seat, a wireless charger, and a 12.3-inch infotainment display. The Safety Sense 2.5+ includes all the systems needed.

The 2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Bronze edition lies in the middle and costs $46k. Different themes and colors are available. You can get 19-inch wheels in bronze, internal stitching floor mats, floor mats, and a doorsill illuminated with a metal plate. Naturally, every finish is bronze.

2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Interior
2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Interior

The top-of-the-line options include Limited Platinum and Limited Platinum. The first comes with the car with the JBL audio system, hands-free powered liftgates, 20-inch wheels, and a Panoramic View Monitor. The leather seats have memory functions for the driver, and the front row can be heated or cooled. In 2025, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid Platinum will add some advanced features and lacks features from all the previous trim levels.

2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Engine

The most notable feature of an SUV’s performance is fuel efficiency. Toyota did a remarkable thing by removing a V6 engine. Engineers sacrificed power to get more miles. The 2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid will attract more customers due to its 35 mpg efficiency rating. Its 2.5-liter petrol engine has an electric motor. However, the Highlander Hybrid produces just 245 horsepower. This is way below the norm for mid-sized classes and the main drawback of Highlanders. But the PHEV configuration could fix this.

The CVT can be described as a power-routing device. By default, the engine sends power to the front wheels. If you’d like AWD, an auxiliary electric motor will be fitted in the rear wheel. It won’t alter the outputs. The mileage is reduced by one point. Towing capacity for an SUV that is a hybrid is 3,500 pounds.

2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Engine
2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Engine

Standard Hybrid is the best model in the class for fuel efficiency. However, 245 horsepower is not expected from an SUV with three rows. The 2025 Highlander Plug-In Hybrid will use a more powerful electric motor to boost its power. The mid-sized SUV will likely be equipped with similar technology to the one the Rav4 crossover has. With 302 horsepower, the SUV would be able to calm the criticisms.

However, indeed, the PHEV will surely be awe-inspiring. It is a compact crossover with more power than the other models. The Highlander PHEV will be similar to the base SUVs with which it competes. Also, a more potent combination could be on the way. We think a 2.4-liter turbo engine and hybrid technology could be an option. The machine should be able to produce around 350 horsepower. However, the fuel consumption won’t be that extravagant. However, the upcoming SUV is expected to offer at least 30 mpg.

2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Price and Release Date

The standard model is unchanged; we’re looking forward to announcing the 2025 Toyota Highlander Hybrid with a plug-in option and the complete details of this new model. It could take time, as everything regarding the coming model are speculation. The company has not confirmed the reports. We hope we can see that before the year 2025 is over, we’ll learn more information about the Highlander PHEV.

In any case, it will cost much more than the hybrid base model. The price will be $44,500 for the entry-level L.E. The XLE is under $45,000, while its Bronze Edition breaks that mark. The limited edition is just under $50,000. The new Platinum level will cost about $52,000 before making any changes. Toyota will provide a wide range of additional features and packages with new colors.

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