2024 Tacoma EV Range, Specs, Price

2024 Tacoma EV Range, Specs, Price – Toyota’s main pickup truck competitors either have full-size pickup trucks on sale already or are on the way soon, but the Japanese marque seems to be focused on the mid-sized electric pickup segment. Toyota teased an electric pickup about the same size as a Tacoma, despite saying it wouldn’t make an electric Tundra until the infrastructure is better.

2024 Tacoma EV Changes

Exterior and interior

We can make some reasonable conclusions about the exterior styling of the Toyota Tacoma EV. Toyota unveiled a slew of EVs in 2021, including a Tacoma-sized electric pickup. In early 2023, the new ICE Tacoma patent images were leaked online. Both have a baby Tundra appearance, which is evident in the similarities.

The electric pickup concept differs slightly from the production of Tacoma patent images. This includes a closed-off grille design, as there is no practical use for a traditional grille. Also, the electric concept featured blacked-out A-pillars and a black roof. This may or may not be included in the production of Tacoma Electric. Another difference is a slightly different wheel design, but it’s clear from the concept and leaked images that Toyota will not be using a rugged design to build its first electric pickup.

2024 Tacoma EV Exterior
2024 Tacoma EV Exterior

The Tacoma EV’s toughness is evident in its blocky fender flares and large all-terrain tires. The Toyota Tacoma EV could be available in colors like Magnetic Gray or Blue Crush.

We don’t know the final dimensions of the Toyota Tacoma Electric Vehicle at this stage. However, it is likely to be slightly larger than the current Tacoma Double Cab, which has a height of 70.6 inches and a width of 74.4 inches. It also has a length of 212.3 inches and a wheelbase of 127.4 inches. These numbers may vary depending on which trim.

The new Tacoma EV is likely to be heavier than its gasoline-powered counterpart. The current Tacoma Double Cab weighs in at more than 4,000 pounds. Therefore, the Tacoma EV will likely be more serious than its gas-powered counterpart.

The interior of the Toyota Tacoma EV’s Toyota Tacoma EV is unknown. Even the patent images leaked of the vehicle’s exterior do not indicate its interior. We know that Toyota will need to improve its interior design as the current Tacoma cabin is a poor example of outdated design and poorly utilized space. We’ve seen improvements in the Tundra, so we are optimistic about the Tacoma EV.

2024 Tacoma EV Interior
2024 Tacoma EV Interior

Technology should be the highlight of Tundra’s EV cabin as it is an electric vehicle. If not already standard, a digital driver’s screen should be available. The latest infotainment system might even match the Tundra’s 14-inch touchscreen, but only for top trims. Toyota’s standard safety suite includes forward collision warning, pedestrian detection, and lane departure warning. However, the Tacoma Electric Vehicle (EV) will likely have blind-spot monitoring and a surround-view camera for upper trims.

Toyota Tacoma EV seats will likely be upholstered with cloth on the base trims. Softeck imitation leather will be available higher up. As manufacturers are keen to promote their EVs as more sustainable alternatives to conventionally-powered cars, genuine leather may not be available for the Tacoma EV.

As we mentioned, the legroom in the second row in the current Tacoma is not outstanding. We expect the new Tacoma EV will improve this. The size of the Toyota Tacoma’s EV bed will determine how much cargo space it can hold. This could be similar to the existing Tacoma six-foot bed. A frunk would be the most welcome addition to the F-150 Lightning.

2024 Tacoma EV Engine

The Toyota Tacoma EV will be equipped with either one or two electric motors instead of a gasoline-powered engine. The automaker has not shared any technical specifications, so predicting the truck’s output and performance is difficult.

A single-motor variant should be revealed. It should be rear-wheel driven and make at least 201 horsepower. This is the same as the single-motor Z4X. Toyota could tune the Tundra EV with dual motors and four-wheel drive to produce up to 300 hp. This will give it the performance that EVs can, and the towing capability truck owners expect. Toyota wants to make the Tacoma V6 capable of towing 6,800 lbs. In under seven seconds, the Tacoma EV would be faster than the V6-powered model at 0-60 mph.

2024 Tacoma EV Engine
2024 Tacoma EV Engine

The Tacoma EV will be able to ride on a platform similar to the one used in the new gas-powered Tacoma. This differs from a pickup such as the Rivian R1T, designed to be an electric vehicle from the beginning. Ford stated previously that the Ford Ranger’s new T6 platform could support a fully-electric drivetrain. We expect the same flexibility from Tacoma’s EV’s underpinnings.

It’s more challenging to get an extended range of electric power from trucks than from sedans or crossovers because they are less aerodynamic. Ford managed to get a 320-mile range in Extended Range trim with its full-size F-150 Lightning. Toyota seems to have placed less emphasis on the content as the bZ4X cross-country crossover can only travel 222 to 252 miles, depending on its trim. However, the Tacoma Electric Vehicle could go closer to 300 miles with a battery capacity of approximately 90 kWh (between the F-150 Lightning full-size pickup and the bZ4X crossover),

2024 Tacoma EV Price and Release Date

The release date of the Toyota Tacoma EV is expected to be later in the year. It should then be available as a 2024 model. We hope that the Tacoma EV will not be delayed by Toyota’s apparent reluctance to hurry the EV sale.

Although EVs are now cost-parity with ICE models in some instances, they are still positioned as premium, more expensive alternatives. The new Toyota Tacoma EV pickup will only be available in Double Cab or Crew Cab guise. The more basic Access Cab will be limited to the ICE models. We expect that the price for the 2024 Toyota Tacoma Electric Pickup Truck will be around $45,000. This is slightly more than what you would pay for a 2023 Tacoma Limited in Double Cab form. A top-spec Tacoma EV with a US license will cost you around $60,000 MSRP. This would make it the most expensive Toyota-badged Toyota.

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